Hengrui Nano-porous insulation products


Products Introduction

Hengrui Nano-porous insulation products is based on the principle of nano-porous,  with a special process, these special powder is processed into various forms of products to be applied to different parts of thermal equipment. The Thermal conductivity of Nano-porous insulating materials are smaller than still air, its thermal insulation is 3-4 times better than traditional fiber insulation materials under high temperature working conditions, its the best insulation materials of all of the most fire-resistant insulation materials so far. Nano-porous insulation material is the best or even the only choice in some high temperature equipment which have strict weight and space limitations. The birth of such materials have solve many of the world's insulation problem.


low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage.

Low heat storage, good thermal shock resistance

Asbestos -free, high safety of environmental protection

Easy to cut and process,long working time.


High-temperature furnace: ceramics, petrochemical, metallurgy, glass.

Electronics: fuel cells, electric stove, electric heating

Non-ferrous metals: furnaces, electrolytic cell, holding furnace

Transportation: Cars, ships, trains, vehicles

Aerospace: Aircraft, spacecraft.

Technical Index

Nano-porous insulation productsNano-insulation board / blanket / special shaped products
Rupture  strengthMPa≥0.65
Thermal conductivity (average temperature 800℃) W/m.k0.035
Linear shrinkage%)≤2800,6hrs
It can be made into flexible sheets, special shaped products according to customer requirements.
Board Standard size1000*600*10,15,20,25,30,50mm

Note:The result is average value not guarantee value,fluctuate within the standard value, for more details about our products properties or technical support, please contact Hengrui Technical Department.