Hengrui High-temperature Binder


Products Introduction

High-temperature binder is compounded specially for the stickup between ceramic fiber products, and it also can be used to construct furnace walls. It is ropy liquid with color of gray or slightly yellow, which dissolves in water easily, and the binder is weakly acidic without sodion. The effect of using this binder to construct or repair high-temperature furnaces is very good.

Products Features

u High combination degree.

u Good air-tightness, and excellent corrosion-resistance.

u Long service life.

u Low shrinkage under the circumstance of high temperature.

u Convenient construction and high bonding degree.

u Low porosity and small mortar joint.

Products Applications

u Constructing various kinds of industrial furnaces.

u Sticking refractory fiber felts, blankets, and modules.

Products Technical Index

High Temperature BinderHR 1300HR 1400HR 1500HR 1700
Chemical Composition(%)Al2O340
Refractoriness under Load(℃)1320141015501600
Tensile Strength (after 1300℃) (mpa)

u Notion: These data do not completely represent the actual data of real products.

Products Specifications

u In iron drums of 40kg each.

Construction Dosage

u When the mortar joint is 2mm, the daub dosage of standard brick with size of 230*114*65mm is about 200kg every 1000 pieces. When we supply products, they are slurries.