engrui Anchors


Products Introduction

Anchors are structural parts which joint and immobilize metal panels of kilns and lightweight refractory materials like ceramic fiber, lightweight refractory brick, unshaped refractory material, etc. According to different structures of industrial furnaces, different combuster temperature, environment and atmosphere, various structures and textures anchors should be choose. Anchors can be divided into diamond anchor, butterfly anchor, suspending anchor, corner anchor, angel iron anchor, U-form penetration nail, screw, instant card, rotation card, penetration rod, V-form nut, etc.

Products Features

u Wide temperature range: 800℃-1400℃.

u Various shapes.

u Reasonable structure.

u Easy to install.

Products Applications

u Immobilizing the ceramic fiber module and folded module.

u immobilizing different kinds of refractory bricks.

u Immobilizing various kinds of high-temperature materials and high-temperature equipment.

Products Specifications

u 201, 304, 310, etc. We can also make products according to the requirements of customers.